【Wilderness in Nantou, endless fun】
Kingtaiwan Hotel is a characteristic homestay legally approved by the Nantou County Government. Kingtaiwan Hotel is the legal B&B number [037] in Nantou County, and is jointly operated by the brothers of Xitou B&B [241] and Log B&B [242].

In addition to the exquisite wooden cabin suites in Kingtaiwan Hotel, there are also single-family forest cabins for multi-person accommodation. The large cabin area is suitable for large-scale outdoor activities, such as night campfires and barbecues. It can also be used in the midsummer period (April~June) ) Enjoy the beautiful fireflies outdoors, let you stay in Xitou and enjoy the fun of outdoor travel.

【Log style, gourmet feast】

Kingtaiwan Hotel is surrounded by mountains, and you can see a whole stretch of verdant mountains and the sea of ​​clouds. The scenery is pleasant. The interior of Kingtaiwan's Hotel is decorated with cypress wood, and the natural cypress wood is more exquisite when you enter the interior, and all kinds of Chinese art Sculptures and odd wooden works will allow you to wander in the traditional and classical atmosphere of China.

There are many B&Bs and restaurants in Xitou, but what Kingtaiwan Hotel recommends to you is a comfortable accommodation environment and a beautiful mountain landscape!
From the balcony of the villa, you can look at the Beishi River and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Xitou’s bamboo forest, clouds, and mountains. You can also be in the green forest in the room and enjoy the baptism of nature! It is the best recommended accommodation for you to stay in Xitou! The room is equipped with marble bathroom, jacuzzi, sofa chair, cable TV, etc., providing comfortable Xitou B&B facilities.

In addition, Kingtaiwan Hotel has a Chinese restaurant that provides you with local flavor meals in Xitou, and can accommodate 200 people at the same time. It uses unique natural ingredients to cook fresh mountain and forest delicacies, such as stream prawns, stream fish, mountain trout, and seasons. Bamboo shoots, mountain edible vegetables, mountain-grown dishes, refreshments, etc. There is also a special dish "Tiger Head Bee Fragrant Crisp" that is not to be missed for you to feast on.
After you have a full meal, you can taste the Shanlinxi Mountain Tea and Dongding Oolong Tea, which are grown at high altitude and grow in the clouds and fog. The tea used in the villa is operated by the owner. Guests who stay and dine can taste it for free and enjoy wholesale Price concessions.

【Private attractions, family fun】

Kingtaiwan Hotel is about 2 kilometers away from Xitou Forest Recreation Area. In addition to the bamboo forest, university pool and sacred tree in Xitou Forest Recreation Area, you can visit Neihu Elementary School, Shanlinxi Recreation Area, Phoenix Valley Bird Park, Qilintan, and Qilin Lake along the way. Phoenix Tea Garden, Xiaobantian and other attractions.

The most difficult part of traveling is itinerary planning. To make it easier for you to travel to Xitou, Kingtaiwan Hotel provides a variety of preferential package itineraries, and provides free car-free Xitou station pick-up service (pre-reservation required), Xitou forest amusement on behalf District tickets, Sun Moon Lake ferry tickets, Phoenix Valley Bird Park and other discount coupons can be purchased at the counter during check-in. In addition, they are accompanied by private tourist attractions guided tours (please order in advance), such as ladders, sunrise viewing, Strolling in the tea garden, etc. will give you a different travel experience.